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About the Association


The Galway Sheep Breeders Association was established in 1923. The Association was founded to encourage the breeding and conservation of Galway Sheep and to maintain the Sheep as a pure breed.The Galway is Ireland's only native Sheep breed and deserves to be conserved for Historical, Scientific, Cultural and Agricultural reasons. The Breed has been granted Rare Breed Status and receives financial support under Reps IV.

The Galway Sheep

The Association has presently in excess of 200 members. We welcome new breeders who are committed to the task of preserving Ireland's native breed.



There is great satisfaction to be gained from breeding Galway Sheep as well as the knowledge that you are helping to maintain a unique part of our agricultural heritage.


The Galway Sheep

The association wishes to acknowledge the financial support given by DAFF in establishing this website. The Association also wishes to acknowledge the assistance given by Dr. J P Hanrahan and Dr. Leo Curran in bringing this project to fruition and in establishing our presence on the web.

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