Hornless; Back of head between and under the ears covered with short wool and showing a medium bob; Ears of good length and fine texture, and free from black/brown sports; Nostrils dark in colour and wide; Ram with bold masculine head of medium size.

Thick, short & well set.

Well laid, level and wide at top.

Wide, deep & well forward.

Well sprung; Barrell deep, thick, long with straight underline.

Long and level, backbone not prominent.

Rump, Tail, Hind Quarters
Rump, wide and well fleshed; Hind quarters, deep, full, broad.

Legs, Feet, Hooves
Medium long, straight, square, well apart, good bone and covered with wool to the knees/hocks. Slight feather on hind legs below hocks permitted but not desired. Hoof black, with sound horn.