Information for New Breeders

New Breeders are always welcome and they should pay close attention to the following guidelines on how to become an established breeder.

  1. Buy sheep that are Pure Breed and Registered from an Established Breeder.

  2. Apply for Membership of the Galway Sheep Breeders Association Ltd by filling out an online Application form here.

  3. Successful Applicants will receive a Unique 2 letter Flock Code for their flock from the Secretary.

  4. Sheep Ireland maintain all the Pedigree Data for the Galway Sheep Breed.

  5. Apply for Membership of Lamb Plus with Sheep Ireland.

  6. Tag all Pedigree Galway lambs with NSIS Electronic tags with the female part of the tag printed with Unique 2 letter flock code and year of birth.

  7. It is vital for any Breeder of Pedigree Galway Sheep to Record all Pedigree Galway Lambing details,keep accurate records and send information to Sheep Ireland.Otherwise the Pedigree of the Lamb will be lost.

    Further Information :
    Contact Secretary - or 087-9486530
    Contact Sheep Ireland - or 1850 601901